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For over 45 years, Fraserview Intermediate Care Lodge upheld its legacy of being leaders in care and service, providing excellence in person centered care and making Fraserview a place to call home for residents and the community.  Now, as a continued legacy of our mission, vision and values, we have the Baron Foundation -  a place to keep alive our beliefs in quality care and support for seniors in care, caregivers and their families.

In 1971, Steve and Audrey fulfilled their dream by building an intermediate, care facility with over one hundred bedrooms in picturesque Richmond, British Columbia. The day that Fraserview Intermediate Care Lodge opened its doors was a very happy day for this hard working couple and their family. Fraserview Intermediate Care Lodge was the very first care home in the community.

Our Story

Fraserview Intermediate Care Lodge was founded over forty years ago by Steve and Audrey Baron who shared a dream and a desire to help those in their later years who needed care. Steve and Audrey personally managed a six person, renovated home called Stradford Nursing Home in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1958. Managing the Stradford Nursing Home strengthened Steve and Audrey’s desire to serve seniors.

High Tea Fundraiser

Welcome to our 'Hats & Gloves' signature fundraiser.  After nearly 50 years of providing care and service for seniors in long-term care, we have launched a fundraiser for the Baron Foundation.  We understand the importance of a supportive and engaging environment for those in care to commemorate different generations and cultures.

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Baron Foundation

Every 5 years the number of seniors living with dementia more than doubles. 1 in every 4 people over the age of 85 is expected to develop dementia, putting the risk of being affected by the disease higher than ever.

The sooner you act and make changes to your lifestyle the better chance you have of preserving your relationships with your loved ones into old age.

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