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5 Pillars of the Brain: Healthy Lifestyle

Solutions for a healthier and stronger the brain!


Pillar #1 – Regular Exercise

Aim for thirty minutes of aerobic
exercise five times a week Build
muscle to pump up your brain
Include balance and coordination
exercises Stick with it for at least a
month at a time Protect head with
protective gear


Pillar #2 – Healthy Diet

Eat a healthy heart diet
Get plenty of omega 3
Eat four to six small meals a day
Eat across the rainbow
Enjoy cups of tea daily


Pillar #3 – Mental Stimulation

Learn something new
Practice memorization
Enjoy strategy games, puzzles and riddles
Practice the 5 W’s
Follow the road less traveled


Pillar #4 – Quality Sleep

Establish a regular sleep schedule
Be smart about napping
Set the mood to reserve for sleep
Create a relaxing bedtime ritual
Quiet your inner chatter


Pillar #5 – Stress Management

Schedule daily relaxation activities
Nourish inner peace

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