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Everybody should be happy regardless of age and medical diagnosis.

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Keep aging seniors mentally active and stimulated with Boomerang MIND


Find out some facts about Alzheimer's and dementia and how Boomerang LIFE helps to prevent them

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Discover great resources about Alzheimer's and dementia like links, tips and articles

Mental stimulation and activities that make you smile.

Studies show that stimulation of the brain through activities such as puzzles, reading or verbal interaction helps keep the mind healthier and more alert.

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Every 5 years the number of seniors living with dementia more than doubles. 1 in every 4 people over the age of 85 is expected to develop dementia, putting the risk of being affected by the disease higher than ever.

The sooner you act and make changes to your lifestyle the better chance you have of preserving your relationships with your loved ones into old age.


Stream happiness with Intellectual stimulation for Alzheimer's and Dementia affected individuals



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Boomerang Life is a video subscription platform created to stimulate your brain at home or on the go so you can have fun while helping prevent cognitive decline in older adults