May 9, 2021

Person-Centred Care

Person-Centered Care from Daughter to Mother

In “Lisa’s Story” on, Lisa documents two visits to her mother suffering from Alzheimer’s.  The piece is beautifully written, depicting wonderful instances of person-centered care from a daughter to her mother.  Lisa experiences feelings of disappointment and disdain at seeing her mother’s mental and physical capabilities degenerate; however, she refrains from lingering on them and chooses to be more positive -- focusing instead on the happiness they can share together by simply Being in the Moment.  Lisa’s documented interactions with her mother can stand as a comfort or reassurance that beyond devastation is a peace that arises through continuing to actively demonstrate love.  This is done through acceptance and actions of person-centered care.  

The impact that reading Lisa’s experiences has is perhaps due to the fact that the author did not hold back from acknowledging her feelings of patience, heartbreak, and eventually acceptance that come with the territory of caregiver -- therefore immersing the reader in a more empathetic position.  From this insight, the importance of spending time with those with degenerative memories comes into the foreground.  

Empathy is a powerful tool that allows us to understand each other, and sometimes to learn from the experiences of others.  It often isn’t until time with our loved ones has an impending deadline that we seem to prioritize spending time with them.  Lisa’s Story; however, acts as a gentle reminder to hold our loved ones close and cherish each  moment with them.  Happy Mother’s Day, from Boomerang Life.

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