July 29, 2021



Person-Centred Care

SFU Friesen Conference 'Reawakening the Connection: Technology & Person Centred Care

Long-term care is one of the few housing options for seniors who can no longer live in their own home.  The 23rdannual Friesen Conference at SFU’s downtown Vancouver campus showcased housing alternatives that are popular in Canada. Keynote speakers Charles Durrett and Andrew Scharlach introduced the topic of cohousing and “Villages”. Villages are a new concept where communities work together to promote aging-in-place by using everyone’s unique skills and volunteers to fill in the gaps. This co-habitation gives people a strong sense of community and support, promoting  group living while still maintaining individuality and independence.

The Intellicare Group presented 'Reawakening the Connection' - Technology and Person-Centred Care.  A poster-presentation with evidence-based results from Boomerang Life’s Journey Cards and multi-media content. The poster presentation highlighted person-centred care and shared the success of using intellectually stimulating content to help engage seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s. This poster presentation will also be delivered at the Quality Forum 2015: Creating Connections.

"With the touch of a button, we can now open up the world to our seniors facing memory challenges, reawakening them to what they have lived, loved and cherished."

- Coreena Robertson, Intellicare Founder

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