July 29, 2021

Person-Centred Care


Wiring the Wellderly: An Evening of Seniors & Technology

Intellicare Group, Fraserview Care Lodge and Nurse Next Door hosted a social evening for friends, caregivers and families, focusing on using technology to improve person-centered care for seniors. Following the key note speech by CEO of Nurse Next Door, John DeHart,  Intellicare Founder Coreena Robertson and eGurus Co-Founder, Jennifer Cairns,  answered questions from the 80+ guests on the powerful impact the internet, Skype, Facebook and Boomerang Life content can have those facing memory challenges.

Boomerang MIND, one of Intellicare’s first products, was demonstrated throughout the evening in Fraserview’s new Media Room. From a smart TV playing Intellicare content via an Apple TV, to a live demonstration of the adapted Skype program made specifically for seniors, Fraserview’s Evening of Technology and Nurse Next Door's Wiring the Wellderly provided an inspiring glimpse into the engaging possibilities for those with Alzheimer's and dementia.

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